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Istari Lasterfahrer - All Tracks Previously Unreleased On Tape


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The original Istari Lasterfahrer, one of Hamburg's breakcore / brukkdub / junglist veterans, and head of the infamous Sozialistischer Plattenbau label, lands on Nina & Good News's VIS imprint, which they run from behind the decks at Golden Pudel (probably).

We remember seeing the name on flyers for squat parties and the likes, at places like Hamburg’s long standing ‘Rote Flora’ when we were barely old enough to enter, and Lasterfahrer has continued to stand up for all weirdos and different-thinkers over the years, by the looks of it.
This tape, packed with - you read the title, right? - stuff that's previously unreleased on tape, will give you a real good insight into the twisted worlds of Istari Lasterfahrer and his Sozialistischer Plattenbau label (est. 1999) that have kept giving us a refreshing change from the clean cut, well-organised dance music DJ's and overly-branded promotions that we are confronted with on an unmissable daily basis.
Istari Lasterfahrer does not give a fuck about your rekordbox collection and bpm calculated DJ sets, and most likely he does not give a fuck about which genre tags we try to ascribe to his music, because it doesn't work like that - basically, these are twisted sound worlds for those who like it WRECKED, DAMAGED and DISTURBED - ready for DIY space travel (or at least just plain old brain confusion with eyes closed) in 2020 and beyond.

Stacatto strings clash with barrages of breaks, piano concertos go head to head with basslines that are about as central as the curry powder & well fried chips are too a good currywurst. Lashings of hi-tech distortion and freakish ambience make friends on the same plate, just like the Apfelmus and the Kartoffelpuffer do, back in Hamburg.

Listen up kids, put away your homework, load up this tape and get schooled on some real underground bizniz (bonus: this school is a whole load of fun too!)

60 minutes of mixed & merged original material.
Pro-dubbed, printed onbody and served with tasty inlay artwork.

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