• Itinerant Dubs - 001

Itinerant Dubs - 001

Itinerant Dub

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A new project by two undercover house/techno affiliates, one a Berliner and one a Londoner.

Unmistakebly hands-on and analogue production style, with sparse but precise, raw and gritty drum machine jams and merciless low-end fury reminiscent of early Horsepower Productions and the early Grime days.
These tracks are geared for the floor, no doubt, yet there is a definite depth and richness in detail, aesthetically not far from the recent developments in the Bristolian sound from the Livity lot.

These cuts are best served on a high end soundsystem, certainly aimed at the floor but easily accomplished enough for home listening.

This 12" is sure worth it's spins and dusted off again in years to come.

Printed Sleeve. 180gsm. Vinyl-Only.

Quality stuff!

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