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Itinerant Dubs - ID Tape #1

Itinerant Dub

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The elusive Itinerant Dubs formation inject their dread into the tape format -

What better way to follow up a series of hardware-driven, echo-laden vinyl-only releases, than with a fully fledged cassette release?

Having put forward a strong series of 12" and 7" vinyl releases that congeal the style and etiquette of King Tubby with the drum-funk of Chicago and a certain rave / soundsystem focus on sublow pressure... Itinerant dubs present us with this finely executed tape release, blending snippets of past releases with glimpses into future remix works (DJ Stingray & Mr G) with certified space-echo tape-delays and synare synth shots that trail off into the distance, leaving a fractured rhythm pattern that never rests easy, yet always retains it's drive and movement.

This sounds pretty perfect on tape, you could be doing much worse things than sitting back whilst this is on full volume.

Limited to 60 copies, hand-numbered.
Black, stickered A / B tape sides.
Printed J-Card cover.

A Side:
ID Mind#1
ID003 - One Sep
ID001 - Itinerant Magic

B Side:
ID003 - UR MY ID (Part 1)
ID003 - UR My Id (Part 2)
ID005 - Dub Echo
Id-Mind (Away (Part II)

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4