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Itinerant Dubs - Itinerant Club 005

Itinerant Dub

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Final installment of our Itinerant Dubs triple drop this week and what a belter it is.

Distilling everything that has been so dear to this fruitful London - Berlin link-up, ‘Weaving Dub’ on the A1 is a no fills, break step indebted rinser - rolling a chunky break straight through and pairing it with a proper bit of UK bass weight and swelling pads - come again my selecta.

‘To The Club’ on the A2 takes a different approach altogether, dub indebted analog house jams coaxed from their enviable selection of gear sees a tape delay warped vocal section roll in and out of the gaps between chunky kicks and crisp snares - NYC leaning house gear with a twist.

Flip it over for the glowing chords and tribal percussion of ‘Pushin’, rolling out effortlessly in the style of EL-B and Horsepower but with slightly rounder edges. ‘Ruff Elements’ closes proceedings by ratcheting the pace up further still and ricocheting chord stabs off the outreaches of the echo chamber.

The finest in the series? Judge for yourself…

Weaving Dub

To The Club


Ruff Elements