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Itinerant Dubs - Itinerant Mind

Itinerant Dub

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>>Limited to 175 copies worldwide<<

Crisp, organic and feverishly unhinged remnants of the duo's dubwise sessions. Like the end of tape echo's rotations, Itinerant Dubs serve up two cuts of full bodied experimentation, morphing their previous floor-proof grooves towards newer, more visceral soundscapes.

Part 1 scurries its way across nine minutes of hollow, synthesised quasi-drums and plasmic sonics straight from the jungle - a loopy descent into the most primeval of terrains.

Over the flip, Part 2 is glossier, more cosmic but nonetheless gritty. An intricate sketch of hardware chatter which transforms from serene to scrambled with utter ease, retaining the imprints inherent ode to jah, of course.

A new side to the label's psyche and a bold statement from the undercover London - Berlin outfit. Recorded straight from source, no software processing applied. This is the final release.

Away Pt.1

Away Pt.2