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Iueke - Champion

Editions Gravats

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Absolute belter of an ep from Iueke on Editions Gravats - If you caught the previous two records on this label you'll know (roughly) what to expect but for those that didn't - They've been serving up some of the most interesting dancehall mutations on the planet and Iueke is no exception. Somewhere between Equiknoxx, Ancient Methods and Lurka meets Autechre this one - deadly as they come and incredibly heavy - we fcuking love it!

'Slathering at the heels of Low Jack’s much sought-after Riddims du Lieu-dit and Clara!s reggaeton bomb Meneo, Antinote’s Iueke moonlights with a body-gurning batch of mangled technoid bombs for Low Jack and co’s killer Les disques de la Bretagne series.

The last we heard from the Antinote co-founder was on a series of archival 12”s for his label issued between 2012 and 2015, as well as on a pair of completely unclassifiable mixtapes for Demdike Stare’s DDS label released over the last couple of years, but Champion features his first new recordings in perhaps over a decade and, true to form, they’re not at all what we were expecting.Champion (Version) deploys a a super rugged swing and recursive digital noise coming off like T++ and Gescom programming daggering robots, while Zonck brilliantly recalls Autechre’s remix of Lexis’ Hypnotise - all achromatic, dense, percussive madness that again brings to mind T++, or more specifically his Dynamo gear.

Dem A Burning is more glacial and spacious, swilling the dance with caustic acid noise and sloshing subbass in deadly, futurist style recalling Timeblind’s much overlooked but completely ageless Rastabomba session, before Polxat expends his restless energy in a properly Autechrian madness.Pure fiyah.'

Champion (Version)

Dem A Burning