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Iueke – Le Souper Des Cendres / Des Fureurs Heroiques


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Iueke goes in off-kilter slayer mode for L.I.E.S., coming with some proper left-leaning, brain-wigging dancefloor tekkers, cut nice & loud to 12" disc, one track per side - no nonsense.

What a brilliant record this is - it's proper weird, but hits very hard at the same time, very hypnotic and kinda chaotic, and 'alive' in the best possible way.
It's hard to fully define what ingredients make up the end-result here (and that's the beauty of this music) but it gives us a kinda year 3000 style electro-ish dancehall feel, with a kind of bleep techno / IDM type of pressure to it maybe - but ultimately, it sounds like the machines have come alive, and they're having a conversation, in keeping with some kind of central pulse that hides between sentences.

Les souper des cendres takes up the A side across 10mins of undulating rhythm, counterweight pads and shuffling, mechanized rhythms - it feels like it was jammed out live on machines, but we could be wrong - either way, the arrangement feels organic and perfectly juxtaposes the sound design and uncompromising dynamics.
By the time you get to the 9th minute of this song, you'll be fully lost in the revolving rhythm and synth-bassline that seems to circulate and self-modulate more with each repeat, ready for it to be blown wide open for the remainder of the track.

Side two revisits the scenes from the A side, with those trashy drum machine hits (is that the 5050 or 909 crash or summin?) crush in a kind of weightless ambience of machine hiss and tangled signal flow, before we go against a more sparse rumination of that synth bass sound which we recognise from the A side, the perfect freak version for the flip, to really get yourself tangled up in that rhythm and frequency zone which Iueke manages to stretch out for aural enjoyment with such ease.

Wicked, wicked 12".
Nice to see a classic 'one tune per side' disc too -
Play it nice & loud for maximum enjoyment.

Le Souper Des Cendres

Des Fureurs Heroiques