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IVVVO - Future

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Abrasive and heartbroken... scars from the death of rave and a new born future -

IVVVO lands on Public Information with this outstanding EP - a nod to the dance floor and a kick in it's gut.

Tough underlying rhythms shift through weirdo synthlines, coated in vinyl-hiss and crackle, with two cuts per side picking up the pace and a subsequent third and sixth ambient piece, dropping it all back down to the depths of the echo chamber, with an old piano contained in the midst of it.

Part of Public Informations limited edition series, giving them 'a chance to present some of the most interesting names in their spectrum' - IVVVO is here, and he is ready to challenge the dancefloor.

If you don't own it yet, listen closely and give it a good think... these are one-offs, never to be repressed.

Presented in a special black debossed sleeve, individually hand-numbered.
Limited to 500.

A1 Darkness In My Soul
A2 Before The Death Of Rave
A3 Rave pt.1
B1 Future
B2 Under Grey
B3 Rave pt.2

Darkness In My Soul

Before The Death Of Rave / Rave pt.1


Under Grey / Rave pt.2