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IZC - Tackys Revolt EP

Dub Square

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Unique rhythmic sequences for open minded dancers and skilled DJs - IZC twists our brains up with this no nonsense, hand stamped white label, released by the Vienna based Dubsquare Recordings label.

There are hints of 2-step, Funky and Perlon-esque minimal techno at work across both sides here, fractured beat patterns and syncopeted percussion are the order of the day, perhaps best framed on the A2 cut ‘Red String Conspiracy’. Sounding like a collaboration between EL-B in his Ghost prime and Melchoir Productions it ’s a lesson in minimal 2-step and icy atmospherics.

‘Ginger Sample’ on the B1 is pure sub pressure, skipping drums loosely harness sweeping 808 basses, a deadly tool for DJs and one that’ll have people leaning over the decks looking for a track title - thankfully its a white label...

Red String Conspiracy

Tacky's Revolt

Ginger Sample

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