• J a b u / Killing Sound

J a b u / Killing Sound


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The first release on the No Corner Cassette Label, this tape features two Transmissions from the Young Echo family based in Bristol.

The A Side of the Cassette consists of a live recording of Jabu performing at ‘Peng Sound vs Tape-Echo’ radio session, whilst broadcasting on sub.fm.

Packed full with dense vibes as the intricate wordplay by Alex Rendall flowing straight over low-slung beats and soundscapes created by Amos Childs the other half of Jabu. The near 20min set also includes music by ‘Baba Yaga’ (aka Kahn & Vessel) an ‘El Kid’ production, plus the opening track features vocals by Kahn live in the studio.

On the B-Side of the tape, things get a bit more twisted – ‘brutalist FM synthesis reduced to rubble’ with a 19min live jam by ‘Killing Sound’ the name that incorporates a flexible formation of Young Echo members on their varying sonic missions, in this case Jabu, El Kid and the mysterious REI.

Hand-stamped and individually labelled white cassettes housed in black/clear cases with Tape Inlay designed by ‘Studio Tape-Echo’.
These are highly limited and already sold out everywhere else – very very limited stock available exclusively via rewind-forward!

J a b u - Live At The Tape-Echo Studio

Killing Sound - Real Love