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the massive ‘Straight Defeat’ from J:Kenzo and Collenjah gets two excellent re-workings from the likes of Caspa (yes really) and Metalheadz’s very own Jubei.

If you managed to scoop up a copy of the original near the end of last year, you’ll know just how cold and deadly this tune is - ‘War With Us, Straight Defeat’ come the dread filled words from Collinjah - twisted around a surprisingly restrained remix from the one and only Caspa. If you were expecting that midrange wub-wub business, you’ll be disappointed, but, however, if you want precision engineered 140 gear to strategically mash up a dance then this is exactly what you need.

Fresh from releasing his new EP on Metalhead, Jubei also remixes the the original and totally smashes it out the park. Mutant dancehall styles are the order of the day here, ultra minimal and pocked by icy bleeps, Collinjah’s flow sounds all the better for having been sped up a little to ride this 170bpm beast.

If you dig the ‘Full Clip’ era Lurka sound and the kind of sonics that Skeptical and Fracture et all are pushing - this comes VERY highly recommended.

Rounding things off is the instrumental of the original as well - what more can you ask for!

Straight Defeat (Caspa RMX)

Straight Defeat (Jubei RMX)

Straight Defeat (Instrumental)