• J. Martin - Dean Forest Riots
  • J. Martin - Dean Forest Riots

J. Martin - Dean Forest Riots

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We have one (very last!) handful of these pretty damn magical DIY tape / zine / print / ash bottle (yep) box sets containing time-tripping rhythms and folklore dread from local percussionist / producer J. Martin here for you in all their glory, excavated straight from the house of The Brunswick Club, a crew of artists from around Bristol, centred around the (now sadly evicted) Brunswick Club down the road here -

Check the words from The Brunswick Club Editions here, and please feel free to trust us when we say that this one's pretty special... Both musically, in all its extended, undulated, dark (age) ambient veneer, and 'as an object', collated with serious eye for detail, ultra-heavy on the vibes.

"J.Martin delves deep into stories of the Forest of Dean, his ancestral history and the folklore of the Forest. Ancient stories blend with staccato beats and synthesized noise, folktales weave and figures of times past glow under the light of your mobile phone.

Influenced in equal parts by cinema and the visual arts, J Martin's enveloping, undulating musical work forms a keen synergy of narrative, tension and release, walking a delicately balanced line between the natural and the mechanical.

Exploring memory, technology, nostalgia and uncertainty, JM's grounded percussion work floods the ears, with hypnotic and piston-esque metallic beats that churn and pulse with production line precision. Countering the lingering tension is a considered placement of real-world sounds, classical instruments, wooden percussion and hocketing voices that bring us back down to earth and give way to tender, reflective scenes with a welcoming, warm hand, simultaneously introducing and casting off complex characters, nostalgic vignettes of playground innocence, scenic walks home and images of tribal worship.

The Forest allus. You’ll oultn't ever know who killed the bears."

Comes with DL code, screenprinted cards, zine, ash bottle, and cassette, all housed in a box set - serious piece of DIY gold right here, a special item indeed.

1. Prologue 03:54
2. Feythur 03:20
3. Monty 03:24
4. Elders Bow 03:24
5. Nogman 03:58
6. Madame Nesta 02:06
7. Cyawpsin 02:43
8. Herne's Call 01:28
9. Who Killed the Bears? 03:50
10. When I Grow Up ft Vincent Selby 01:32
11. Hain 04:06
12. Ellen Hayward 01:35
13. Ow bist ol butt 02:46
14. Lydbrook 01:52
15. St Anthony's Well 01:13
16. Vorest Miner by Bill Walters 04:32


Elders Bow


Who Killed The Bears