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Long awaited arrival from Young Echo's Jabu -

We've been looking forward to this release for a long time now, we dare say it's been worth every minute of the wait.
We're not sure if it's the effective, consistent wordplay and delivery or the deliberated, effortlessly executed musical loops and structures that define their sound, but it's probably not worth thinking about... The harmonious equilibrium between word and sound are what make Jabu standout from the rest.

There's no doubt that Hip Hop make up it's bones, but the music of Jabu and it's affiliated artists goes much deeper, with a much more melancholy style and delivery...
Barebone interludes and vastly spacious instrumentals form a coherent bridge for the vocal appearances from Jabu's Alex Rendall, as well as Young Echo's Rider Shafique and the sweet tones of Jasmine and M.S. Harris...each one of them making their mark in original style and fashion
These tracks are crucial in their own right, but the real beauty comes out when listened in consecution - it's an addictive listen, flowing perfectly from intro to outro.

Do yourself a favour and acquire this record... You won't regret it.

Great sleeve art by Harry Wright.
Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.

A1: __
A2: Chamber
A3: Don't Fall Down ft. Jasmine
A4: __

B1:Empty Days ft. M.S. Harris
B2: Limousine ft. Rider Shafique
B3: __


Don't Fall Down ft. Jasmine

Empty Days ft. M.S. Harris

Limousine ft. Rider Shafique