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Jabu - Versions

Do You Have Peace?

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Perfect surprise from JABU HQ across the river... Redux'd, 12month stewed version excursions of the finest order, conjured up from their recent album 'Sweet Company' -

... This is what the Dr. ordered, before you were even diagnosed, trust.

Maximum love to Amo$ and the Jabu family -
make sure you take this depth charge and explore the deeper, skeletized and re-harmonised depths of an already-deep album, on of the finest of recent time, if we might add.

Did someone say winter is coming and it's 'bout to get cold?
fuck it, the blanket is here and we're ready.
Wrap this one up round your earlobes and bury all worries, along with any soundboys in the area.

Or, as Amos (responsible for the instrumentals and the label) says -

‘we have angelo badalamenti meets king tubby at home’
or 'i’ve taken too much of my back medicine in the NCP car park’

seemed right to mark a year of expanding and shrinking time since our album
so we took it and stripped it down over some last minute late night sessions,
pulling things (inc. hair and teeth) out until something else was there."

You know it makes sense... This is exactly what tape players were made for!

P.S. keep an eye out for a remix 12" single featuring extra album reworks from Equiknoxx's Time Cow and Young Echo's Ossia, out soonish...

Edition of 100 or so...
Served with Jabu cut up version from Patrick Saville's original LP art.

1.Water Temple Version 04:22
2. Slow Down Version 06:04
3.Lately Version 03:48
4. Pretend Version 03:08
5. Selfish Version 03:14
6. Paper Thin Version 02:48
7. Blood Pink Version 03:36
8. Us Alone Version 03:07
9.Sweet Company Version 04:00

Lately Version

Pretend Version

Blood Pink Version

Slow Down Version