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Jabu x SKRS - OranVIP / BwoyTestVIP


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Collaborative version excursions from Young Echo's Jabu alongside the mysterious SeekersInternational -

Further exploring the theme of Jabu 45's on NoCorner, continuing the theme of the vanishing original cut replaced by external reworks... Some of you may remember the Kahn Remix of 'You & I' that graced the B side of the first NC 7" by Jabu back in 2012? The original version still remains on dubplate only.

Well, this time along we find the sonic fruit of long time mutual musical appreciation between Jabu and SKRS -
The A side, Oran, made it's way to the SKRS Lab in Vancouver, given the typically dubwise and beautifully obscure treatment via his smoke-filled, gold-inked studio and fired back over to Bristol along with the stems of his excellent 'BwoyTest' which originally came out on his Boomarm Nation LP 'H.I.M.' last year, but has now been induced with Alex Rendall's silkscreen vocals and Amos Childs enviable ear for heart wrenchingly smooth sense for groove & melody.
A top combination of roots aesthetic, with analogue tape delays and flutters gracefully filling the endless space between the vocal and the rhythm, all in constant off kilter harmony.

As with previous Jabu output on NoCorner, there is a leaning towards the broader sense of classic R&B, hip hop or soul, when listening, there is a sentiment that almost leans towards feeling like it could be a radio anthem, but then it's worth remembering that our sense of what could be 'popular' is still very much underground in the grand scheme of things... And these tracks are by no means shying away from the honesty of forward thinking music, never made to conform. But that sentiment is a testament to how accomplished and captivating these songs can really be, from the very first drop, to the hook and right through until the last set of distant gunshots are fired off, it's a ride into the deepest combined depths of SKRS x Jabu wizardry.

Limited to 200, hand-numbered.
Printed sleeve, designed by Amos Childs.
Silver silkscreen overprint, designed by Mysteryforms.
Hand-stamped inner sleeve.
Printed centre labels, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.

Jabu x SKRS - OranVIP

SKRS x Jabu - BwoyTestVIP