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Jabu x Sunun - Lately / Dub

Do You Have Peace?

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The next one on Jabu's new 'do you have peace?' label is here, pressed up on a ltd 7" w/ Sunun on version duties >>

Lovely to see this label shaping up, coming with the first piece of wax, hot on the heels of that lush tape linkup with poet Daniela Dyson.
This 7" features a new hit from the Jabu dubplate box, probably Jabu's most 'grimey' and most 'junglist' yet... Although of course it's still sweet like sugar, and filled to the brim with that off-kilter street soul / dream pop vibe they have been so consistently honing over the years, with records for the likes of Blackest Ever Black, NoCorner, and of course on Young Echo home turf.

Jagged drum machine hits & blips fling off over a dubbed out underbelly of warped melody on this one, and a big diving subbass... That was our jungle reference earlier, and we love this unlikely combination of sounds.
This smooth gunfinger rhythm gets the perfect buttering with a loved up vocal from Alex Rendall (one third of Jabu) who let's loose one of his most RnB vocal injections yet. All out smooth operations.

We saw them perform this cut earlier this year on a series of live shows in Russia (ah, the memories) and this track right here was the one that always stood out to us.
Very nice that it's been pressed up now, and, even better, in combination with good friend and ultra-skilled rhythm and dub purveyor Sunun.
Sunun gives the whole thing a delicate & intricate yet driving wash of reverberation and echo'ing, adding to that ghostly soul, and on the flip (every good 7" has a dub on the flip) Sunun re-imagines the track live on the mixing desk, adding fader sliding strip-to-the-core treatment, and submerging the instrumental into new realms.
By the end of this record, you'll be swimming in it with a big smile on your face, eyes half closed. That's what we did anyway.

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Edition of 200, hand-stamped.
Art risograph printed on pink paper.
Designed by Joshua Hughes-Games.

Jabu x Sunun - Lately

Sunun - Lately Dub