• Jackie Mittoo - In Cold Blood

Jackie Mittoo - In Cold Blood

Striker Lee

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For those not familiar with Mittoo's styles on the organ and keys -

Here it is: the 1977 LP, reissued and remastered in it's full glory on 180gsm vinyl.

10 tracks on the disc, cut nice and clean whilst retaining the vintage sound and aesthetic that makes these Mittoo cuts so musically romantic.

With the Aggrovators on instruments, you know this is worth the dollar.

Earl 'Chinna' Smith on Lead Guitar, Carl Harveys and Jeffry Dung on Rhythm Guitar, Sly and Robbie on Drums and Bass, Skully on Percussion, Tommy McCook and Bobby Ellis on Horns and of course - the man himself - Jackie Mittoo on the Piano, Organ and 'Strings Machine'...


Limited to 500, hand-numbered copies.

1: The Ranking King
2: Death Trap
3: Rockers Delete
4: Melodous
5: The Mistrous
6: Earthquake
7: Atom Sounds
8: Sky King Jack
9: A Revolting Rockers
5: In Cold Blood

Rockers Delete

Sky King Jack

Revolting Rockers

In Cold Blood