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Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension - Ram Jam Pt. 1

Studio One

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Highly limited JA import -

What we have here, is an original cut of one of the most memorable Studio One cuts from Kingston, with the go-to keys player in the studio from those days -

Jackie Mittoo, alongside Sound Dimension, with man like Sir Coxsone Dodd in the hot seat.

Ram Jam Pt.1 on the topside, and further in, Pt.2 - full of honey sweet rhodes and upful drum and bassline.

Jamaican pressing, not many of these around - be very quick if you want one.

Check the sound clips for reference... this disc features some of that reminiscent crackle, but the vibe is still present - ram up the volume and turn up the speakerbox!

Ram Jam Pt. 1

Ram Jam Pt. 2