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Okkkkkkay then. Here we go!

Jackson Veil Panther lands on Avon Terror Corps with his debut proper, after a few blasts on ATC & Bokeh compilations, and some sonic rumours and myths that have been circulating more recently

We've been eagerly awaiting this release, ever since hearing raw versions last year
(even had the lucky chance to dance to some of these on various occasions - madness).
Now hearing these tracks as part of this 6 track tape, so well paced and (juxta)positioned, is a real joy and a revelation.

Fresh talent from the city of Bristol, and it's great to see.
Although, that said, JVP has earned his stripes already and actually been on stage longer than many, in a band setting... Not sure we're allowed to say which band it is here, but yeah, he's a 'real' musician too you know. And this shows in the music.

As gritty and f*cked up as it is, there's always a sense of musicality and keen ear for composition there... Tracks move from polyrhythmic noise onslaughts, and morph through hair-raising melodic counterparts, muffled chants & voices, through to a kind of solemn crescendo, like a hands-in-the-air-moment for all the goths and freaks out there...
So maybe a big middle finger up to the clouds, to that big hairy old dude who apparently sits up there and shits all over us every day?
Fuck knows, but this is real rebel music, for real people.

Shed yourself of your hopes and at the same time shed yourself of your anxieties. This music plays like the storm that will end this godforsaken shitshow, and bring with it a new kind of light.
However, we must first stay in the corner and adjust our eyes slowly to this new world, for we have become comfortable in the dark age. Let these rhythms cleanse us first, and let us enjoy this last dance.

End of days music.... Bring it on!

Edition of 50 or so cassettes, made here in Avon.
Comes with printed J card.
Includes DL code.

Artwork by Kasia Bielawska-Johansson.


1. Colony Collapse Disorder 04:18
2. Book of Hammers 03:34
3. The Dividing Bell 04:31
4. Tomorrow, My Birthday 02:33
5. K For Kontrol 04:46
6. The Body Man 03:42

Book Of Hammers

Tomorrow, My Birthday

The Body Man

K For Control