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Jah Shaka - Brimstone & Fire LP

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Seminal 1983 album from Jah Shaka, alongside Mad Professor.

Recorded in the earlier years of Shaka, a few years deep in soundsystem business, and a leading figure for roots & dub in the UK.
Brimstone & Fire has all the mysticism, the heaviness and far-out spaceyness you could want from a dub album.
Ghostly keys and guitar zoom straight through the tape-delay, run red-hot, over tough basslines and thunderous drum parts, with Flabba Holt on bass and Norman 'Twinkle' Grant on drums, mixed and produced in true Shaka style, and at times also by his peer, the Mad Professor.
Throughout this LP, wild early 80's digital effects mix with the raw tape sound and recording style that the best 70's dub is made from, a deadly combination that comes alive once more through the lavish, carefree mixing style of Jah Shaka & Mad Professor.
The drums and bassline are mostly left to trod & rumble while snips of melody slide across the scattering skank, on over-drive, full charge.

It's very hard to pick a favourite on this record... From the near intergalactic 'Conquering Dub' through to the ultra-heavy 'Thunderous Dub' - each track has an infectious bassline and an equally immersive counterpart running right through the signal chain, making for truly addictive, and constantly rewarding listening.

Alongside heavyweight talent on instruments, and of course Mad Professor lending a hand with some of the dub mixes, Brimstone & Fire is Shaka at his very best.

A1 Preacher Dub
A2 Prophet Dub
A3 Vision Dub
A4 Judgement Dub
A5 Conquering Dub
B1 Lightning Dub
B2 Powerful Dub
B3 Thunderous Dub
B4 Seven Seals Dub

Conquering Dub

Judgement Dub

Thunderous Dub

Preacher Dub