• Shakka-aswad

Jah Shaka meets Aswad - In Addis Ababa Studio


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The mighty connection of Shaka and Aswad, in the golden years around 1985 -

This LP, originally released in the mid-eighties, an ever-changing period for Jamaican music, and a great time for the UK soundsystem scene in it's flourishing years.
Jah Shaka was (and is) the leading light for the roots scene at this time, with this label and the sounds would play on hi system.
Aswad later became one of the UK's most successful reggae bands, and these earlier efforts make it clear why they were snapped up by major labels in later years. Excellent playing of instruments and a great sense for rhythm & melody, with Jah Shaka at the production seat, make this LP a real joy to listen to.

A collectors piece.
Play this one, at any time, for instant upliftment.

A1 Addis Ababa
A2 Shaka Special
A3 Aswad Special
A4 Rockers Delight
B1 Drum Dub
B2 Behold H.I.M.
B3 Creation

Addis Ababa

Shaka Special

Aswad Special

Drum Dub