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Crucial combination of Jah Shaka and the Mad Professor at Ariwa, in 1984 down in London, on a deep, mystical journey through the depths of rootical 80's dubwise -
if you ask us, it's one of the finest records to come out of the Ariwa / Shaka house!

Very happy to have our hands on this one for you again now that it's in press once more - this one has been a personal favourite for many years now.
Tunes such as 'Creation Dub' make it worth the £££ already.
With it's fierce feedback experimentalism and Mad Proff reel-to-reel-tape-chop/wheelup skills making what is quite possibly the best intro to a dub tune ever heard, over a restrained nod to Aswad's Warrior Charge, a big tune that came out a few years prior in the 80's (if you've seen the film Babylon, or if you were lucky enough to frequent soundsystem sessions around that time, you'll know this one, no doubt)....
Some of you loyal RWDFWD crew might remember this one from the RWDFWDMIX001 tape...

Then there's 'Atmospheric Dub' with it's Kunta Kinte esque drift...
Oooph, honestly, that's just the a couple of the tracks, and this is already enough.
It's all so great. Each of the engineers are dedicated a side of the vinyl, although let's not forget all of this was recorded at Ariwa, so you can hear a mix of the two throughout. From Mad Professor's inventive, forward thinking dub engineering goes very well in harmony with that added, singular, slow, yet extra-extra heavy Shaka mood. This is very special stuff, a great JA roots sound in UK dub style, this record speaks volumes in terms of sound and culture.

100% gold.

1. Jah Shaka – Satta Dub
2. Jah Shaka – Almighty Dub
3. Jah Shaka – Warrior Dub
4. Jah Shaka – Living Dub
5. Jah Shaka – H.I.M.
6. Mad Professor – Creation Dub
7. Mad Professor – Atmospheric Dub
8. Mad Professor – Claps Like Thunder
9. Mad Professor – People Of Yaruba
10. Mad Professor – Rorima

Mad Professor - Creation Dub

Jah Shaka - Almighty Dub

Jah Shaka - Satta Dub

Mad Professor – Claps Like Thunder