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Jah Shaka - New Testaments Of Dub Pt 1

Jah Shaka Music

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Killer Shaka LP from 1992 -

The dub versions of a Willie Williams LP, this Jah Shaka composed, arranged, produced and mixed LP.

Stripped back to the very core, drum machine rhythms drive through bass guitar and Yamaha DX7 synthline, with glimpses of melody vanishing from forefront to background with the flick of an eyelid, leaving the cooly restrained drum parts and percussive elements to maintain their focus.

Cult classic.

A1 Promise Dub
A2 Real Dub
A3 Natty Dub
A4 Testament Dub
A5 Armegedon Dub
B1 Right Dub
B2 Alert Dub
B3 Halilujah Dub
B4 Sunshine Dub
B5 History Dub

Promise Dub

Real Dub

Armageddon Dub

Alert Dub