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Jah Thomas - Cool Profile

Spring Hill Records

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Along with the Supercat 'Ever Ready' musical bombs in a box of 7"s from Kalbata and Maor Anava's 'Spring Hill Records' we have this timely reissue of a timeless Jah Thomas cut from the golden era of Dancehall in Kingston.

A nice insight here from the label, listen closely...

"Considered to be the heaviest tune ever recorded by Jah Thomas, Cool Profile was only available on his 1983 LP 'Dancehall Connection'. The next cut to Earl Cunningham's seminal tune of the same name, this soundsystem monster is presented here for the first time in it's full 45 glory. Interestingly enough, 'Cool Profile' depicts the 1983 oil crises in Jamaica. With billions of dollars in debt, oil supply to the Island was cut off which had a severe impact on life in Jamaica as well as on it's music industry as records weren't pressed for a good part of that year.
Remastered from the original master tapes with a seal of approval from Mr. Jah Thomas himself, this is a dance destroyer of the highest order"

This, and the Supercat 7"s are simply a must for all lovers of original dancehall music.

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Jah Thomas - Cool Profile