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Jah Warrior - Dub From The Heart

Dug Out

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Absolutely crucial piece of steppers dub from the Warrior -

Mark Ainley and Mark Ernestus' 'Dug Out' imprint making serious re-issue moves with this one, unearthing what is quite possible the deadliest, coolest piece of UK dub music to be released in the history of soundsystem culture.

Originally unleashed on Jah Warrior's own imprint in 1997 - 'Dub From The Heart' and it's equally mystical, submerged counterpart 'Heartical Dub' are part of the reason why Jah Warriors name still resounds in the dub scene, even though he does not operate his soundsystem anymore...

Later described by some as 'proto dubstep' , it's certainly true that this tune is one that encompasses many directions of dance music, from Basic Channel to Digital Mystikz... but effectively, this is Uk soundsystem music at it's purest and effortlessly at it's most remorseless.

Dub From The Heart

Heartical Dub