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Jah Warrior - Majestic Stepper / Strong Dub

Jah Warrior

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Heavyweight steppers from Jah Warrior -

We're big fans of Steve Mosco's works, and this one, from back in 2010 does not disappoint... Once again, solid as a rock, soundsystem music for the 18" scoops and the mostec pre-amps - Two cuts on each side, ready to mash down the dancehall.

Majestic Stepper runs around a fast-paced rhythm and heavy bassline, made even more prominent with the dub version.
Flip it around for the uplifting steppers entitled 'Strong Dub' - with it's absolutely thunderous bassline and scattering hi-hat pattern.

A side mixed by Russ D at Backyard Studio.
B side mixed by Jah Warrior.
Additional production by Roots Ambassada.

Essential soundman business.

Majestic Stepper

Majestic Dub

Strong Dub Part 1

Strong Dub Part 2