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Jakob Levi - Emotions Of Rebellion

Itinerant Dub

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Brisk and brittle drum workouts from Itinerant dubs, offering up two cuts of pure electro funk and a curveball to finish.

Always a welcome surprise when these turn up at the office and this one is one of the finest additions to the label yet. Up top, ‘UR my ID’ steam through at a rate, staccato snares and undulating chords keep things moving in a mutant electro b-boy style, Chock full of crafty edits and switches this is a total gem in the mix too.

The Part 2 mix strips things back further to a the unadulterated break and rounded, bruising bass, those that dug the ‘Ritual Dingers’ cut from Lurka a couple of months ago are advised to apply within.

The third and final track gets a whole side to itself, an altogether different animal - One Step is that proper Itinerant Dub get that blurs the lines between Mysticz and a mechanised Sly & Robbie.

All this for less than a tenner?! Get involved!

Ur My ID Pt.1

Ur My ID Pt.2

One Step