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Japan Blues - Sells His Record Collection LP

Japan Blues

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Japan Blues, the brainchild of Howard Williams, presents his first LP on his new eponymous label, an absolutely jaw-dropping collection of "atmospheric Nipponese travelogues, with some underbelly tourist spots taken in on the way."

This description, we feel, is a bit of an understatement. Sells His Record Collection explores a plethora of styles: sample collage; far-east-styled interpretations of semi-acoustic dance music rhythms; jazz derived harmonies and a whole bunch more. Describing this is difficult... the signifiers are so alien, but the result really speaks for itself. A truly singular production voice speaks across six tracks, ranging from the storytelling epics of "The Sun Goddess Steps Out In Old Asakusa" and "The Land Of The Gods Under Concrete" to the more focus sonic studies of "10000 Forgotten Ghost Stories" or "Yakuza No Uta".

Yes, the titles are as evocative as the music - as you can probably tell, we can't get enough of this record, and we think you won't be able to either.

Be warned, these copies are limited, and there aren't many other stores left that have this, so be warned...

Props out to the gorgeous sleeve and hand-made paper insert, this is a fantastic package all round.

The Sun Goddess Steps Out in Old Asakusa

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The Land Of The Gods Under Concrete

Yakuza No Uta