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Bokeh Versions' best kept secret weapon Jay Glass Dubs makes a foray into broader climes with this incredible turn on Not Waving's Ecstatic Label. Dubs is a compilation of some earlier material curated perfectly by Not Waving himself, with an enigmatic but ever-present unifying theme which producer Dimitris Papadatos has alluded to.

The sound on show here doesn't stray too far from the brilliant pair of glacial dancehall tapes on Bokeh Versions - as with those tapes, the core mission statement is the perforation of classic dub architecture through all manner of bending, diluting and stratifying, the hollow result betraying a complex edifice that's both esoteric yet easy to grasp. This combination is what contributes in large parts to the allure of all of Papadatos' productions, but is even more clear here.

The label describes some of the sounds perfectly here: "From Jay’s eponymous 2015 debut for Hylé tapes, listeners will encounter the heaving smudge of Definition Dub, the serpentine, Coil-like digital delays of Grumpy Dub, and a grime drone drill Depression Dub. Off the II tape for THRHNDRDSVNTNN comes the darkwave synths and militant step of Magazine Dub recalling a gauzier Equiknoxx production, next to the bass-less scudder, Detrimental Dub and the shoegazing bloom of Daria Dub, while his III tape tees up some abyssal highlights in the vertiginous Hilton Dub, the melancholy, Basic Channel-scoped scale of Sieben Dub, and the HTRK-eaque starkness of Everlasting Dub."

This is the first time all of this material has been pressed to wax, and long overdue in our opinion.

Hilton Dub

Sieben Dub

Everlasting Dub

Depression Dub