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Jay Glass Dubs - Epitaph

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Grandiose debut album from Athenian sound/space artist Jay Glass Dubs, served up with a triple-shot on Bokeh Versions.

This one was always going to happen, you knew it if you've been (like us) following the ever-strengthening link between Bokeh & Jay Glass.
Having put their trust in his dealings with delay, first via the glacial dancehall tape (BKV002), excellent cassette & dubplate business, as well as the esteemed collaboration with NYC's Leslie Winer, it feels right for the industrial-leaning, version-loving BKV label to continue the mutual trust and love with an artist who obviously shares the same vision...
A vision that denies accurate categorisation, but finds new & common ground in the vast explorations of unique sound & style, and all the good things that come with it.

Jay Glass Dubs has been steadily up'ing the levels with releases on BKV, Ecstatic Recordings & Berceuse Heroique over recent time, and the album, entitled Epitaph is an offering that won't fade, no matter what comes next.
It's been on repeat ever since it got leaked to us a little while back, and it's a real pleasure to have the physical representation - served in stylish sleeve by don Patrick Savile - here for dispatch pleasure, to your door and onto your turntable.

Right from the opening track, with the all-encompassing chamber echo on the (we heard rumours: ancient) greek vocal meditations, and those rather rude snare roll/hi-hat combinations versus that hollow angelic voice and the anguished delays on vox hits in that scene-setting opening track -
it is clear that Epitaph is set to open new doors into new worlds, in intricate, stunning ways.

The album presents itself as a complex, yet woozy and ultra dream-like mesh of inventive rhythms and shape-shifting arrangements that expand into endless space and eternal width.

Within each track, as one element fades away into the distance, the responding melodic counterpart is already shifting into the opening, creating a constant flux and movement around the ominous rumble of drum & bass, and the dreamscape arrangements of voice & altered instrumentation...
The album moves like a light show, with new horizons, new forms presenting themselves with each flick of the eye-lids.

A masterfully executed drift, one that will reveal itself in new, beautiful forms with each listen -
...We can testify to that!

Vocals from Jay Glass Dubs & Yorgia Karidi, as well as Saxophone from Ben Vince.
Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Artwork by Patrick Savile.

1. Seikilos & To Console Him
2. Animal Estate ft. Yorgia Karidi
3. Evil Empire ft. Ben Vince
4. Interlude I (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle)
5. A New Model For Emulation
6. Intro
7. Laid Down ft. Yorgia Karidi
8. To My Benefitors
9. Interlude II (Emergency Blanket)
10. Reckless

Seikilos & To Console Him

Animal Estate

The Evil Empire