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Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall

Bokeh Versions

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Chopped & screwed dancehall abstractions on Bokeh Versions -

Packed on to ferric-grade cassette, BKV003 offers seriously off kilter dubwise styles, much in the vein of the SKRS output on the label, and in perfect tune with the Bokeh Versions radio show on NTS, Jay Glass Dubs has been called in for some skewed mixtape action in the lead-up to his full release on Bokeh.

Aptly put by the label themselves "Glacial Dancehall offers an imagined snapshot from an alternate universe where DJ Screw and Steely & Clevie went b2b at Hard Wax" -

It's a tripped out, juiced-up journey through Jay Glass Dubs 7" collection, with the turntables on power-saving mode and the echo unit in full effect, creating a mesh of reactive rhythms that give the whole thing a real heady, introspective glaze.
The origins are there to be spotted, with lower-than-low register bass and the dub-chops at gut level, but the outcome becomes something far more out-there than one could've hoped... You don't have to drink cough syrup or get massively high before listening to this - but it might help.

A wicked concoction!

Limited to 50 copies, cassette only.
C32 tape in mirrored grey shells.

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