Jay Glass Dubs - Jay Glass Dubs Vs. Guerilla Toss

Bokeh Versions

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Bokeh Versions provides a 2nd cassette from Athens-based producer Dimitris Papadatos aka Jay Glass Dubs. This time sees him chew up and spit out the work of ethereal post-punk group Guerilla Toss, and specifically, their recent record GT Ultra.

Papadatos morphs it into various shades of chamber-deep dubwise weirdness - spacey, reverbed to the absolute nines and oozing like molasses. It's a fresh take on dub music, that's for sure; the constituent elements are there but the signifiers are emphasised to their absolute extremes - monolithic bass is starkly contrasted with hazy top-lines that shimmer and sink deep into the background. The rough and ready nature likens this far more to the classic engineering of artists like Scientist than the somewhat more clinical contemporary takes on dub music.

This approach is seen most clearly on closer Can I Get The Real Dub, a triple time dread-march with little to it other than an intoxicating rhythm tracks, an electric bass loop and waves of treated vocals that sound like they're being beamed from the heavens.

Skull Dub

String Dub

TV Do Dub

Can I Get The Real Dub