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Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country

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The long-awaited Jay Glass Dubs full-length on Bokeh is here >>

Some of you may remember that slo-mo dancehall mixtape from a few months ago, which Jay Glass had mixed&mashed to devastatingly cool effect?
Or more recently, those fractured dubwise pieces cut to 12" dubplate in edition of 30, as a teaser for this album?

It's fair to say that Jay Glass & Bokeh are on to something here, and if you needed further persuasion, then this cassette should seal the deal somewhat.
Compound Dub, which featured on that limited dubplate run is on here, amongst an array of glistening exercises in delay, reverb, and a 'whole heap ah effects' in extraordinary dub technique.

It's a lightheaded, tripped out experience that moves from darkness to brighter vibes in a seamless style and fashion.
Jay Glass's widescreen, side-stepping interpretation of dub mixing desk styles championed by the likes of Mad Prof, Adrian Sherwood or Lee Perry pervade whilst the angular, re-shaped rhythms and melodies take it somewhere else yet again.
Although of course the focus on bass, rhythm and delay make the Jamaican influence an obvious one here, the textures and ambience that amalgamate from the echo chamber reach further afield, drawing on many facets of modern experimental music, all whilst maintaining the anchor in the depths of the dub abyss.

...It's very good!

served up in a translucent printed cover, limited edition.

Compound Dub
Interlude I - New Teeth Dub
Versatile Dub
Neckless Dub
Interlude II - Careless Dub
Double Edge Sword Dub

Compound Dub

New Teeth Dub

Neckless Dub

Double Edge Sword