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Jay Glass Dubs: Nyx EP

Berceuse Heroique

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Firm RWDFWD fave Jay Glass Dubs is back with this 4 tracker on another RWDFWD firm favourite label - Berceuse Heroique - the label write up for this is damn good, and it’s below with all you need to know so, take a read (and more importantly, a listen)...

'Jay Glass Dubs is coming back to Berceuse Heroique after his inaugural release and this time he is going straight for the jugural. Jay Glass took a small break from the 80's experimental pop of The Safest Dub and he invoked the spirits of German Kosmische Musik and the studio insanity of African Head Charge.

Film Noir vibes are mixed with the greek ancient tragedies while Jay Glass Dubs is leaving the Apollonian aesthetics of his last release and he is going for a darker, denser and completely Dionysian approach for this one. Medea meets Touch Of Evil. Harmonia and young Adrian Sherwood are getting loose on some pentatonic Greek Traditional music from Epirus.

Jay did it again and we are very happy to release this one'

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