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Berceuse Heroique

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Athenian stereo-dub-technique extraordinaire, back on Berceuse Heroique with the grand SOMA LP, cut across two proper 12"s in top-a-top artwork --

Quite very possibly his most accomplished body of songs (yes, songs) - yet, this is the good kind of SOMA, even Huxley would probably approve.

Across 14 shape shifting tracks, SOMA channels late 90's / early 00's UK vibrations with added mystery in the form of frequency, derived from his own take on Greek culture and history and the vast sounds & styles he soaks up and re-strings, stirred into a melting pot that simmers and bubbles into new forms - like that feeling of submission to a heatwave - find that shade, find your composure and let the temperature blur your perceptions.
In short, this LP is a very, very strong mood & and a strong vibe.

The tracks seem to paint pictures & take us to places when we hear them - like all the best music does. At times it sounds to us like stepping into the outskirts of Athens maybe, walking up a rocky path to find some remainders of ancient structures amidst the blazing open sky, then dipping down into a shaded, half open cave, sudden thoughts about what it could've been like to witness Xenakis lazer/sound installations 'Polytopes' - induced by JDG's deft use of lazer-like synth & siren amidst the concrete dub structures perhaps - then we go back into a dark room filled with bodies as the bassline rumbles and resembles that all encompassing resonation of a proper soundsystem session. Then it's a slow motion drive along a road at night, with the headlights making some kind of cinema of the surroundings - the way Jay Glass's complex trails of delay, echo, panning and reverb create this kind of constant feeling of motion.... It is really quite special.
But he knows not to keep the foot on the gas at all times, because this ride is not about the end destination - the journey is why we're here.

And this is what this album does - it's a proper drift, drive, slide and occasional slow-down-to-near-halt (How Glass Bred ft. Danai Nielsen for example... You ain't going nowhere else when this plays - don't even think about it, just let that one soak you up).
Similar moments of pure serenity occur on 'Shape' with Young Echo's Jasmine aka Guest on vocals. These are the kind of breathers that act like the valium amongst the ecstasy - no drugs needed though, the music will do the work.
As the record progresses, the assured pace of sliced drum breaks and hollow echo chamber sonics take us into a kind of vaporous screw face zone (A Mammoth Cloud) - and the rudeness of steppers & jungle is laced with the laid-back cool of late 90's Bristol sounds by the likes of Tricky, Smith & Mighty maybe even some mid 90's Monk & Canatella ('Trout', for example (big tune)).

Aye look, life is short, and we'd rather you spend time enjoying this album than reading about how much we're enjoying it -

If you think this sounds like something you could enjoy - we'd recommend picking up this record - it's the kind of thing that sounds even better after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th listen too -

The record looks bloody good too, and BH always make sure to press a high-quality disc - so you know it'll be worth the £££.

2LP, served in reversed board, printed sleeve.
Mastered by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.
Cover Image by Panos Kostourous.
Graphic Design by No Mas / No More.

1. Jay Glass Dubs - One Hundred Seven 04:27
2. Jay Glass Dubs - Apple, Sliced 04:20
3. Jay Glass Dubs - Shape feat. Jasmine 03:13
4. Jay Glass Dubs - Our Reversed Uniforms feat. Spivak 03:01
5. Jay Glass Dubs - The Wrong Frame 03:57
6. Jay Glass Dubs - Dots On Nails 03:42
7. Jay Glass Dubs - How Glass Bred feat. Danai Nielsen 03:56
8. Jay Glass Dubs - Your Raps 04:00
9. Jay Glass Dubs - A Mammoth Cloud 03:54
10. Jay Glass Dubs - Wagon Prophet 05:26
11. Jay Glass Dubs - Now Set Up 04:14
12. Jay Glass Dubs - Barked feat. Yorgia Karidi 08:27
13. Jay Glass Dubs - Suffix Harness 04:08
14. Jay Glass Dubs - Invar 02:43

Shape feat. Jasmine

A Mammoth Cloud

How Glass Bred feat. Danai Nielsen

Now Set Up