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Good vibes all round on this sunshine-laden 12'' from the Sex Tags affiliated, Berlin-based Canadian Jayda G, showing off some well-versed production techniques and self-assuredness with this brilliant collection of tracks.

Sound Of Fuca is a classic pairing of rolling drum track and funky, soulful keys, full of flange, phase and all manner of vintage FX for that extra special coating of magic dust.

The PCB Mix strips things back a bit, bringing the drums to the foreground and moving the keys into more plaintive, introspective territory - a fitting companion to the O.G. mix.

“IGA" is that track that'll make everyone's ears pick up and feet start moving vigorously. Alexa Dash belting out “Suddenly” wakes you out of the meditative state those Sounds of Fuca coaxed you into like a harsh slap to the face after a few hours in an opium den. The joyful bashing of piano keys, deep bass tones, skittering house drums and claps all combine beneath Dash’s manipulated vocals which don’t really take any lyrical shape, more a positive affirmation music is the key. For whatever reason Jayda and Dash chose to retain some studio chatter from the recording session, which only adds to the rough and raw nature of the track.

Rishikesh is the other truly standout track here - another "good vibes" number with a shimmering arpeggiated melody and some out of this world supporting melodics and pads.

This is a bit of a beauty, and already hard-to-find so move quick guys 'n' gals.

Sound Of Fuca

Sound Of Fuca (PCB Mix)

IGA (feat. Alexa Dash)