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JD Twitch ft. Killa P / Cassie O - Skeng Teng (Tapes Remix)

Bucky Skank

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JD Twitch, Killa P and Cassie O on a dubwise tip w/ Tapes and SLO Remix -

Bucky Skank open up the doors for business with this combination 12"...

On the A side find Killa P riding a hardened-up version of the infamous Sleng Teng rhythm, backed with a dub and completed with a wicked, ferric-grade 8 bit remix by the analog dancehall whizz kid  'Tapes'.

On the AA -
JD brings the goods with his stepping, dub-house tinged 'Rockers' cut complete with a new rendition of a Bunny Wailer lyric by Cassie O.
finishing off the 12" in a versatile way, South London Ordnance takes the original further from soundsystem session into dark and deep club territory, geared for the 'floor with the elements of dub trailing off into the distance as the kick drum and hi-hats take control.

Well varied disc! Check it!

JD Twitch ft. Killa P - Skeng Teng / Version

Tapes Remix

JD Twitch ft. Cassie O - Rockers

South London Ordnance Remix