JLSXND7RS/TRENDS - Undertaker Remixes


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Beware the Fury... scorched earth hard hitters abound here, Reloadz bringing the lickwood-worthy material with Impey, Hi5Ghost, Darkness and P Jam on remix duty for Jlsxnd7rs and Trend's Undertaker.

Heads-down, gunfingers in the air business - all four tunes will smash the dance to bits and leave soundbwoy running for kingdom come, be sure of that.

First up is P Jam with some psychotic 8 bar mayhem with nods to Pulse X and classic UK Funky riddims - effective as can be and full of chopped 'n' screwed flourishes - a statement of an opener.

Hi5Ghost joins P Jam on the A side, with a classic Bandulu-gang half-time heater - full of swagger and bass-weight, expect no less - 'ard.

Impey and Darkness both bring their unique voices to the template on the B side, both opting for half-time dread-infused business and keeping the arrangements a bit more spartan - but where Darkness seeks pleasure in the mid-range, Impey keeps things lo-lo-lo....

Every soundbwoy shutup!

Undertaker (P Jam Remix)

Undertaker (Hi5ghost Remix)

Undertaker (Impey Remix)

Underaker (Darkness Remix)