• Joe Gibbs And The Professionals ‎– Majestic Dub LP

Joe Gibbs And The Professionals ‎– Majestic Dub LP

Crazy Joe

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A wicked document from the early days of dub, originally released in 1979 as a follow up to the Mighty Two's Third Chapter in the African Dub series now reissued and brought to new light.

Crammed with a whole heap of  gems from Joe Gibbs and the Professionals -

Lloyd Parks on Bass, Sly Dunbar on Drums, The Professionals on Horns and Franklyn Waul aka Bubbler on Keys -

Early synthesizer use is apparent here, often awkward and weird in the mix, it's what adds to the originality of these instrumentals and somehow makes it sound even more fresh in this day.
There's an even a proper slice of disco funk dub at the end to, just to sweeten the deal.

this one's an absolute GEM of an album - trust us.

Top draw dub!

Side One:
1. Ten Commandmets
2. Majestic Dub
3. Social Justice
4. Kings Of Dub
5. Foundation Cycle

Side Two:
1. Edward The Eight
2. International Treaty
3. Martial Law
4. Nation of Dub
5. Embargo
6. Never Touch

Edward 8

Majestic Dub

Kings Of Dub

International Treaty