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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‎– African Dub All-Mighty - Chapter 3

Joe Gibbs

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"Them one yah k-killerrrrr!"

Thunderous, forward thinking, stepping dubwise from Joe Gibbs & The Professionals, originally out in 1978, and still sounding ruff & tuff to this day.

Joe Gibbs, alongside Errol Thompson (also known as ET) on production.
Each cut is filled with heaps of experimental sound cut ins, from ringing bells to thunder-sounds, and other washes of sound, and the heavyweight drum & bass (none other than Sly Dunbar on drums, and Lloyd Parks on bass) is accentuated perfectly by far-out mixing desk tricks, subtle fades of the original vocals, and an infectious, playful melody that runs throughout the album.
Real hard to pick a favourite on this record, but it's fair to say that this record is a favourite in itself.

Big players such as the aforementioned Sly Dunbar, Lloyd Parks feature on instruments, alongside, Vin Gordon, Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis - you name them!

Wicked sleeve too, check those scarves -
design by Trevor Campbell.

Chapter Three
Rema Dub
Tribesman Rockers
Freedom Call
Jubilation Dub
The Entebbe Affair
Angolian Chant
Zion Gate
Jungle Dub
Dub Three

Chapter Three

Entebbe Affair

Angolian Chant

Jubilation Dub