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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - African Dub Chapter Five

Joe Gibbs

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Another hard-to-find classic from the original Joe Gibbs, alongside The Professionals -

African Dub, Chapter Five. Solid Gold.

Each on in this series is pretty essential if you ask us, a real testament to that Joe Gibbs sound, with some of the finest players of instruments in the studio, and with a synth/siren-laden, space-travelling theme, and a nice early dancehall / rub a dub style which makes sense as it's very typical for reggae coming out of Kingston in the years around '83/84.

This one's filled with classic rhythms and obscure versions.
Strictly vinyl reissue, served in the o.g. nice sleeve art that it was served in back in 1984, when it first surfaced (and disappeared - this one has been hard to find for years!)

Wicked LP.

A1 Chapter Five
A2 Bad Verdict
A3 Military Intervention
A4 Campus Flash Back
B1 The Day After
B2 Long Distance Affair
B3 Full Moon Ikky
B4 Ladies Night Out

Chapter Five

Bad Verdict

Campus Flash Back

Full Moon Ikky