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Johanna Knutsson's Somnis Vius


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Johanna Knutsson is probably best known for her incredible collaborations with Hans Berg, the kind of bouncing, perfectly executed techno that gets hammered by people like the Hessle Crew (their most recent release on Idle Hands really deserves a listen).

Somnis Vius then, comes as something of a surprise. In the words of the label, "Knutsson’s ‘Somnis Vius’ (meaning ‘Vivid Dreams’ in Catalan) project materialised after a search for relaxing and meditative music proved fruitless, inspired to make her own selection she began to collect field recordings as she travelled.

Comprised of natural soundscapes and forgotten gems in her record collection that she otherwise could not make use of in her usual Techno sets, the tape serves as a post-party comedown soundtrack as much as it does an aid to sleep or meditation."

The mix comprises tracks by the likes of Rhythmic Theory, Leo Anibaldi, Qnete, Juju & Jordash mixed amongst those soundscapes, the result a soothing but also melancholic blend of harmonic textures which evolve with the same kind of depth and fluidity as her dancefloor work.

Comes housed in a tasty brown paper bag with download code and an incense stick - this is a meditative item after all!

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