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John Bence - KILL


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John Bence's new record is here.

It's quite hard to write these words whilst his music is playing, in all honesty.
KILL is an utterly consuming listening experience.
It is vitalising, and in equal parts draining - we are talking flow of emotion here, the kind which all the best music provokes.

John Bence's three part movement deals with dynamics in the way an Opera would, and reaches the same kind of heights, emotions, frenzy and disturbances... Reaching for the dankest percussive frequency shifts, subconscious vocal drones, pure, angelic tones and downright, concrete-slab in the face furore... In short, it's a masterpiece that could stand up amongst timeless classical pieces, as well as facing forward and standing right in the face of contemporary electronic music... The sharpness in detail and the deft application of frequency reacts with our bodies in a way that is written into our current DNA... If the vibrations are headed your way, there is no helping it. You are the victim, so just let the sound envelope you, and appreciate the fact that you are subject to the musical genius of John Bence, a young Bristolian musician that gives everything, and is already ahead of the curve on his own path.

We've seen close friends struck down to tears when John performed this piece at a Young Echo night last year, and we can safely say that the effect of the record, if listened with attention, captures all this intensity, sorrow, love and anger in an equally powerful way.

The first vinyl on Yves Tumor's Grooming Label, and it couldn't be a better fit.

14.44mins run time.
Edition of 100 copies.
served with hand-scratched KILL centre label.

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