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John T. Gast - BTEC Vol.2

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A very welcome second round plundering of Mr. T Gast's vaults turns up this complete gem, no nonsense whitelabel action, complete with marker pen on label, just as it should be... We'll let the clips do the talking, but if you need more (you do) we have the first volume of this series available too!

'Second (and last???) circa-’13 dubplate showcase from Gast. Gliding high above the EBM sewer-crawl of BTEC #1’s ‘Angela’, ‘Club Version’ is a raw but GLEAMING, nu-era meditation on bluest and blissiest Detroit techno tropes, albeit with an undercurrent of proper Entropy-in-the-UK anxiety/unease. On the flip a pair of even more paranoid, perniciously psychedelic grime sufferahs: ‘Jettison II’'s tooth-grinding, nerve-shredding soundboy Minimalism (equal parts broken Glass and melted Igloo), and ‘NUN-II’ - which pivots between battery-acid-spitting, avant-hard electro/sublow and a kind of uptight Terminator blooz, all swooning darkside strings, machine-gun drum stabs, and properly dread, cone-crushing bass. Mastered by Amir Shoat. Ltd copies, no re-press.'

Club Version

Jettison II