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John T. Gast- Kings X

5 Gate Temple

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Ruffneck extended tekno-stepper trips from John T. Gast via his 5 Gate Temple imprint -

Always a real joy to hear new stuff from JTG, as you're never quite sure what to expect this time around, but there's still a certain underlying, cool & deadly, highly unique vibe that you can rely on.
In this case, Kings X, in it's 10min and 12min incarnations, rides teknoid bassbin styles in forward motion, gunfingers steadily pointing in the air, heads down / hoods up -
pure, understated post-apocalyptic natty tekno.
This one should satisfy fans of UK Dub as much as it should satisfy the hardcore, house & techno and free party krews - who cares anyway, just get the f*ck on with it and dance away those demons with indestructibly high-grade vibrations. That's what this is about.

Raw, honest & vibey-as-hell soundsystem music.

...You get minus points if you don't feel this one.

Kings X

Kings X (Extended Mix)