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Johnny Clarke - Jah Love is With I


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Two upful Johnny Clarke classics with 'Jah Love Is With I' and 'Bad Days Are Going' , originally released around '79

Topside, we have the Conscious, positive rasta lyric from Johnny Clarke on 'Jah Love Is With I', talking about being strong-headed, avoiding conflict and seeking love instead.
The rhythm section is great here too, those militant snare rolls work perfectly over a strong drum & bass section, and come into their own so well on that dub with extra splashes of reverb, whilst the rhodes, guitar and Johnny Clarke's inimitable voice carry the vibe perfectly over this steppin' roots rhythm, keeping the speakerbox pumpin' nicely.

Flipside, we have 'Bad Days Are Going', a more restrained, lovers style instrumental, with Johnny Clarke giving us a good message for future hope, looking forward to better, on days when things feel down.
The way the rhythm enters the dub zone on the discomix, is real nice too. Seems like a King Tubby mix, or maybe early work on the mixing desk from a young Scientist at Tubby's?
Either way - Revolutionaries on instruments - that means Sly & Robbie on drums and bass, Robert Lyn or Ansel Collins on keys, etc etc - you know the score.

Big tunes.
Served on a full 12", with the vocal cuts going straight into the dub mix, extended discomix style.

Jah Love Is With I

Bad Days Are Going