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Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting / Fally Lover

Jah Guidance

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Wicked and bad Johnny Osbourne alongside Roots Radics and the Scientist -

Two massive cuts from the early 80's era of Volcano soundsystem, Channel One, Henry 'Junjo' Lawes', The Scientist at King Tubby's and of course people like 'Errol Osbourne' on vocals...

'Never Stop Fighting' is a powerful track from around 1980, it's message, the engineering and playing of instruments still feels very much 70's Kingston, original roots music style, but this was around the time when dancehall started to take hold of Jamaican music, the tough kick drum and snare take presence and, alongside the overdriven bass guitar, add the punch that makes these tracks hit so hard on a big soundsystem...

The Scientist dub is up there with the best - chopping in and out of the drum and bass arrangement, with flying feedback and bouncing spring reverbs adding a sense of rawness to the whole track... Hard to surpass.

Flip it around for another Johnny Osbourne classic 'Fally Lover' will always remain high up on the list of his impressive discography, as one of his best.

Vocal & Version on each side, 10" reissue.

Never Stop Fighting

Fally Lover