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Jon E Cash EP

Today Tomorrow

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A welcome and smashing quartet of archival blueprint grime from one of it's original architects - Jon E Cash.

The Black OPs crew member offers up these 4 choice cuts on fellow 'OPs teammate T. William's 'Today Tomorrow' label. Each of these tracks was made pre 2005 and have been unreleased until now. Up top is the signature squarewave funk of 'Gangster', our percy and well worth the, ahem, cash, for this one alone. 'War Bashie', as you might expect, is a little tickle of the anthemic 'War', a valuable addition to your bag.

On the flip are flute and strings combo of 'Cash Combo' and the gliding synthesis of 'Sen U Rita' which has a healthy dose of flamenco guitar for good measure. Top a top grime gear this, essential for any self respecting grime DJ.


War Bashie

Cash Combo

Sen U Rita