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Jon Hassell - Dream Theory In Malaya


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Jon Hassell masterpiece reissued from back in 1981 -

Gatefold Sleeve LP with extra CD inside.

Gazing, imagining and listening in on a world of sound in Malaya, with anthropologist accounts and commonwealth recordings as musical paperwork, Jon Hassell who, at the time of writing, counts up to the ripe age of 80 years, and has more than earned his badge as a masterful composer, unjustly overshadowed (at times) by his peer Brian Eno...
Although that might have been rectified by the fact that Eno appears only in small print on this record, despite his involvement in most of the tracks.

This LP, reissued for the very first time since it's initial release some 35 years ago, sees Jon Hassell evoke dream states and subconscious connections with the other side of earth, channeling the obscured sounds of Malaya, from the other side of the world, via Bob and Daniel Lanois' Toronto recording studio.

The trumpeter and composer builds, along Brian Eno, Micheal Brook, Walter DeMaria and Miguel Frasconi, with this far-out landscape as the drawing point, skewed patterns and obscure harmonies using his instrument of choice, synythesizer, gongs, percussion, found sounds and deft manipulation of said sonics, each unifying in counter-rhythm.
The outcome is a deliciously weird blur of natural frequency, relatable sounds, and sonics that seem to invest directly into the right hand side of the brain...
Concoctions of imagination and dreams merge with the recalling of the sound of insects, birds, water, native tongue and perhaps even the sun-tinted, joyous degrees of insanity that occur when the brain melts in tropical heat, under the burning sun.

Meditative genius for purveyors of the strange and surreal, this is a stunning piece of work, rightly reissued.

Chor Moiré 2:18
Courage 3:28
Dream Theory 5:13
Datu Bintung At Jelong 7:03
Malay 10:10
These Times... 2:52
Gift Of Fire 5:00

Chor Moire

Dream Theory


Gift Of Fire