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Jonah Dan - Intergalactic Dub Rock

Bokeh Versions

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Another wicked re-charge of obscure dubwise coming via the Bokeh Versions imprint, this time drawing for Jonah Dan's 1995 cult LP, Intergalactic Dub Rock!

The original Jonah Dan aka Bongoman / Inyotef / Kheru aka go-to-link between veterans such as The Disciples, Bush Chemists, Jah Warrior, Dubkasm.. you name 'em.
Know for his works as a percussionist, vocalist, and even filmmaker, here, throughout this LP we see Jonah Dan at the production seat, aiming for the stars, armed with dub electronics, proving that he is not just a jack of all trades, but quite the multi-talent, versed in the many tasks of the UK's dub world.

This LP should satisfy fans of the 80's and 90's sound of reggae, building on decades of JA drum & bass tradition with the added (over)use of digital electronics... Midi-operated string & flute synthesizers, programmed, computerised rhythms, phasers, chorus, reverb and endless feedback on the echo units, are all hard at play during the course of Jonah Dan's dub mix technique of this LP... Reaching outer-terrestrial heights through the use of fx that draw from the school of Shaka, Mad Professor, Bush Chemists, just as much as the BBC radiophonic workshop and it's audio depictions of space via shows such as Dr. Who.... perhaps.

Raw & undiluted digikal dubwise, this is the real deal, prime-time 90's gear -
you either love it, or you hate it. We certainly love it. The way it builds, almost shyly throughout the first part, and then into all out astral steppers for the latter part of the LP, it's a real grower.
Those super lowly-pitched midi-sax presets on Inter Planetary for example, or those Aba Shanti esque DX7 xylophone melodies, or those Disciples esque Orchestral hits... Or the verse 2 of 'wha do dem dub', where Jonah steps up under his Jahman Dan guise just to laser-gun all conquering space-soundbwoys.... C'mon!
Plus... you know what happens when you play this loud enough, on a proper soundsystem.
No lightweight thing.

Bad, bad, bad!

By the way, this LP also contains previously CD-only 'White Nile'... Another reason not to go for the expensive O.G 'Aba Christos tafari' press on disc*gs!

1. Inter-Galactic Dub Rock
2. Inter-Galactic Dub Rock (Verse 2)
3. Black Void
4. Galactic Light
5. Angelic Symphany
6. Inter-Planetary
7. Wah Do Dem Dub
8. Wah Do Dem Dub (Verse 2 Mix)
9. Genesis
10. Midnite
11. White Nile

Inter-Galactic Dub Rock


Wha Do Dem Dub (Verse 2)